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By using ProfitRally you agree to all of these terms: is provided as is.
You agree that makes no guarantee of the availability of any services provided on the site and may, at any time modify or discontinue any services provided on this site.
You will not hold, its owner or employees liable for any damages that may occur using our services or that may be caused by modification or discontinuance of any services provided on this site.

You understand and accept that reserves the right to cancel your account should you take any action that might compromise the effective operation of the website.

You understand and accept that will introduce you to various business opportunities, marketing programs and promotional tools.

You understand and accept that you can choose which of these programs you wish to join and recruit new members for by entering your own referral codes into the ProfitRally system.

You understand and accept that when you chose not to join a program, your downline members will be able to join this program using's owner's referral IDs or those of your immediate sponsor.

By using and being a member you agree to receiving informational emails from us. These are sent out approximately once per week and may or may not contain advertising.
You also agree to receiving account related emails.

Use of the URL Rotator and the Textad Rotator is free and unlimited under a "Fair use" policy. No user may make use of these services to the extent that they interfere with the effective operation of the website.

By using the URL Rotator you agree that we provide access to all your URLs to the owners/admins of Traffic Exchange Programs, so that offending websites can be eliminated.
You also acknowledge that you are not allowed to enter other URL Rotators into the ProfitRally Rotator.

Pro members only
ProfitRally guarantees a 99% availabilty of all services. Should the availability in any single month drop below 99% you are entitled to a refund of 10% of your membership fee per day of unavailability, up to a maximum of 50%. Scheduled maintenance caused by software or hardware updates is excluded from this guarantee.
You will not hold, its owner or employees liable for any damages that may occur by the unavailability of any services offered on the ProfitRally website.

You agree not to use any form of unsolicited advertising to promote
Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of your account and loss of any credit or downline you may have at that time.

Privacy Policy of is committed to protecting the privacy of it's clients. For details please read our privacy policy below:

1. What information is collected on the Web site?

- We only collect personal information that you volunteer while using our services. This may include email addresses, name and other personal data.

- Some data may be automtically collected by our webserver. Also, visits to our websites will always be recorded in standard webserver logfiles. Any data that is automatically collected will never contain personal information, but may contain technical information about you, for example your Internet (IP) address. Our website may store a "Cookie" on your computer that is used to identify repeated visits.

2. How do you use the collected information?

- We use the information we collect to keep in touch with you about changes to the website and information about your account with ProfitRally.

- We do not collect or use personal data for any purposes outside of customer service, site administration and company communication.

- Your information will never be shared with third parties.
However, other users in your upline at ProfitRally have access to your information and may send informational and commercial emails. This happens in a controlled environment.

3. What if I don't wish to receive any more emails?

This depends on your userlevel at ProfitRally.
When you requested information from one of our public pages by entering your email address you can opt out of receiving additionaly emails at any time.
As a ProfitRally member with an account in place you can not opt out of receiving emails without closing your ProfitRally account.
If you do not allow us to send you emails about your account and membership you can not be a member of ProfitRally.

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