Going strong since May 2004

Total payout to date: more than $9 Million

Reliably turn $25 into $2000

Buy leads packages from Empowerism and get double your money back.

The EMPOWERISM "REVENUE SHARING VALUE PLAN" (R.S.V.P.) has got to be the easiest way to make money online.

Here's how it works: When leads are sold to Empowerism members, the funds are paid into the RSVP pool. From there, the commissions are paid out to our members.

There will be THOUSANDS OF WINNERS and ZERO LOSERS! There is no guarantee of how long it will take to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, but because the demand for leads is ALWAYS high (Empowerism sells tens of thousands of leads a week) - you WILL double your money. With current interest rates it will take decades to double your money in a savings account - so which do YOU think is the best deal?

Every leads purchase is put into a revenue sharing pool in the form of a straight-line matrix. Where Empowerism is a 3x (three-by) matrix, this is literally a 1x (one-by) matrix, where EVERYONE who buys after you lands UNDER YOU in the matrix. When you buy leads, your money is returned to you DOUBLED in each until you reach $2000.

What is a cycle? It's the time it takes for your order to move from the bottom of this fast-moving company matrix to the top, which is when you get paid!

Going strong since May 2004

After going strong for 7 months Empowerism has decided to reduce the maximum amount you can earn from each order to $2000. This will guarantee low cycling times for the future and will put new users into a great starting position. No, you did not lose out on this one, now is the best time to get started.

I'm looking at my commission check from Empowerism and it includes $11,200 from R.S.V.P.

And I received it 9 days before they even had to send it out.

How many companies do that? Just one.

I scheduled this payout to cover my son's college tuition and expenses this semester, but you can be sure I'll leave the rest in to double over and over again! AND I'll be adding to my orders regularly.

Think about it... if one of your local banks advertised an UNINSURED account that would would pay you twice the amount of your deposit in SIX MONTHS, the line at the teller window would be five miles long.

And THEY wouldn't pay you 9 days early!!!

Thanks, Empowerism! And a special thank you to Becky! Here's to a LONG and profitable relationship!

Your friend,

- Dave Gray, Tennessee, USA, August 6, 2004

I was paid $92 into my egold account, from accrued commissions. All auto, smooth...several days back. Well before 15th!

Then I chose to make a few of my orders one-time payment only, to see what happens. They cycled. Yes, $500 sitting in my commissions account, immediately after cycling, yesterday.

All looks like coming from the silk department, by all indicators.

- Huy Vu, Sydney, Australia, August 6, 2004

It gets even better:

Announcing the Marketing Value Plan (MVP)!

Make $250 to $500 on every ad purchase from Empowerism.
  • Your email ad goes out to 20,000 or 40,000 people.
  • MVP packages are $100 or $200
  • Every order cycles 5 times, paying out $50 or $100 on every cycle.

Is this a doubler?

No, Empowerism is the longest running programs of it's kind, they started in 1998 and have been providing exemplary service to their members since day 1. As the name implies, Empowerism is about empowering people. Their first class training material have helped thousands to lift their online marketing on a professional level. Here's what you get with your membership:
    • enormous collection of online marketing resources on
      • email advertising
      • HTML design
      • Time Management
      • ...
    • monthly issue of the Excellence magazine
    • top notch articles by professional online marketers
    • professional autoresponder prefilled with a series of followup messages
    • 50 fresh leads each month
    • much more ...

On top of the income opportunities through RSVP and MVP you will also earn money through their 3x9 forced matrix:

    • $20 Fast Start Bonus once for every new member you refer.
    • $6 / month for every direct referral.
    • $1 / month for every member in your 3x9 matrix.

When you join today you will receive a free version of this page and a lot more!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Join Empowerism as a Fast Track member. THIS IS IMPORTANT. As a "basic" member you cannot participate in the RSVP or MVP programs.
    The signup fee is $24.95 and the monthly fee is $19.95. This will not only give you access to the R.S.V.P program but will also place you in the Empowerism 3x9 forced matrix with a potential monthly commission of $29,523. Additionally you will receive a one time $20 Fast Start Bonus for every personal referral, paid weekly directly into you PayPal or eGold account. Plus $6 monthly commission for every direct referral. Empowerism becomes self funding with only 3 referrals, even without your commissions from the R.S.V.P.
  2. Join ProfitRally. This will give you your own free version of this page and a lot of other benefits and free tools. Click here to sign up.
  3. In your ProfitRally member area enter your Empowerism ID in the "Online Income" section under "Manage Referral IDs". This will activate your Empowerism marketing page and allow new members to join under you.
  4. In your Empowerism member area buy your first pack of R.S.V.P leads. You can spend as much as you like, but you should split your purchase into several smaller bits. Instead of buying one $200 package you should buy 4 $50 packages. By having several orders cycling (rather than a single one) you are getting paid more often.
  5. After your first RSVP order you can purchase a MVP package for $100 or $200.

As you can see, 5 simple steps is all it takes

This is already working for thousands of people, in fact Empowerism has paid out:

over $9 Million in commissions since Since May 8, 2004!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time at

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